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Meet Our Chevrolet Team at F.H. Dailey Chevrolet

  • Dealership Contacts 866-627-6817
  • Sales 866-627-6817
    • Zubair Haidari Photo
      Zubair Haidari
      General Sales Manager
    • Hector Morales Photo
      Hector Morales
      Sales Manager
    • Hank Rivera Photo
      Hank Rivera
      Sales Manager
    • Donald Asturias Photo
      Donald Asturias
      Truck Manager
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 210
    • James Moran Photo
      James Moran
      Internet Sales Manager
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 219
    • Dennis Hall Photo
      Dennis Hall
      Internet Manager
      Phone : 510-510-746-3406
    • Gregory Kim Photo
      Gregory Kim
      Internet Sales Rep.
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 214
    • Jim Brunelli Photo
      Jim Brunelli
      Internet Sales Rep.
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 215
    • Robert Gomez Photo
      Robert Gomez
      Internet Sales Rep
    • Carlos Fenta Photo
      Carlos Fenta
      Sales Representative
      Phone : 510-329-1768
    • Abdul Akherbache Photo
      Abdul Akherbache
      Sales Representative
    • Ishvinder Dulai Photo
      Ishvinder Dulai
      Sales Representative
    • Steve Field Photo
      Steve Field
      Sales Representative
    • Larry Inman Photo
      Larry Inman
      Sales Representative
    • David O'Hara Photo
      David O'Hara
      Sales Representative
    • Orlando Rico Photo
      Orlando Rico
      Sales Representative
    • Brad Rucker Photo
      Brad Rucker
      Sales Representative
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 217
    • Karen Ruvalcaba Photo
      Karen Ruvalcaba
      Sales Representative
      Phone : 510-372-6618
    • Chuck Santana Photo
      Chuck Santana
      Sales Representative
    • Rosa Valencia Photo
      Rosa Valencia
      Sales Representative
    • Eric Barajas Photo
      Eric Barajas
      Used Car Reconditioning Manager
    • Jonathan Lee Photo
      Jonathan Lee
      Used Car Manager
    • Arthur Doppee Photo
      Arthur Doppee
      Courtesy Delivery Manager
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 209
    • Perry Korkoneas Photo
      Perry Korkoneas
      Dealer Trade Driver
    • Robert Nielson Photo
      Robert Nielson
      Dealer Trade Driver
  • Service 866-649-8676
    • Marty Schwartz Photo
      Marty Schwartz
      Service Manager
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 216
    • Gabe Medina Photo
      Gabe Medina
      Asst. Service Manager
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 241
    • Francis Collins Photo
      Francis Collins
      Service Advisor
    • Samuel Hernandez Photo
      Samuel Hernandez
      Service Advisor
    • Robert Dreier Photo
      Robert Dreier
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 236
    • Tim Wong Photo
      Tim Wong
      Service Advisor
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 240
    • Ricky Camoral Photo
      Ricky Camoral
      Lube Technician
    • Nico Gonzalez Photo
      Nico Gonzalez
      Lube Tech
    • Nelson Wong Photo
      Nelson Wong
      Lube Technician
    • Rocky Fort Photo
      Rocky Fort
    • Jorge Jimenez Photo
      Jorge Jimenez
    • Perry Kreuger Photo
      Perry Kreuger
    • Ky Kha Photo
      Ky Kha
    • Eugene Martinez Photo
      Eugene Martinez
    • Jeremy Mendes Photo
      Jeremy Mendes
    • David Michel Photo
      David Michel
    • Perry Morgan Photo
      Perry Morgan
    • Jimmy Phung Photo
      Jimmy Phung
    • Raul Ramirez Photo
      Raul Ramirez
    • Robert Ribeiro Photo
      Robert Ribeiro
    • Dean Schwenz Photo
      Dean Schwenz
    • Tommy Thai Photo
      Tommy Thai
    • Vo Phung Photo
      Vo Phung
    • Shellie Austin Photo
      Shellie Austin
      Warranty Specialist
    • Salvador Zavala Photo
      Salvador Zavala
      Shuttle Driver
    • Jonathan Orina Photo
      Jonathan Orina
    • Anthony Rodriguez Photo
      Anthony Rodriguez
    • Juan Martinez-Perez Photo
      Juan Martinez-Perez
    • Breanne Moniz Photo
      Breanne Moniz
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 245
    • Jennifer Schader Photo
      Jennifer Schader
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 244
  • Parts 866-649-8676
    • Floyd Amerino Photo
      Floyd Amerino
      Parts Manager
    • Leonel Nevarez Photo
      Leonel Nevarez
      Assistant Parts Manager
    • Cris Cohen Photo
      Cris Cohen
      Inventory Manager
    • Francisco Coronado Photo
      Francisco Coronado
      Inventory Control Supervisor
    • Lenny Jaslow Photo
      Lenny Jaslow
      Wholesale Parts Manager
    • Robert Diana Photo
      Robert Diana
      Wholesale Parts
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 222
    • Enrico Kemp Photo
      Enrico Kemp
      Wholesale Parts
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 221
    • Jorge Almendarez Photo
      Jorge Almendarez
      Retail Counter
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 228
    • Richard Lahue Photo
      Richard Lahue
      Retail Counter
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 224
    • Samreth Chau-Tan Photo
      Samreth Chau-Tan
      Back Counter
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 227
    • Andrew Krahnke Photo
      Andrew Krahnke
      Parts Clerk
      Phone : 510-351-5800 Ext 220
    • Justin Canlas Photo
      Justin Canlas
      Parts Driver
    • Alan Michel Photo
      Alan Michel
      Parts Driver
    • Ivan Nunez Photo
      Ivan Nunez
      Parts Driver
    • Jose Para Photo
      Jose Para
      Parts Driver
    • Oscar Sanchez Photo
      Oscar Sanchez
      Parts Driver
    • Samuel Taylor Photo
      Samuel Taylor
      Parts Driver
    • Jorge Valdovinos Photo
      Jorge Valdovinos
    • Magdalena Hernandez Photo
      Magdalena Hernandez
      Administrative Assistant
    • T.T. , C.G.C. , T.D.
      Jonny Justice
      T.T. , C.G.C. , T.D.

      Parts Department Mascot

  • Finance 866-627-6817

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